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Posted on Aug 23, 2013 in DIY, Photography, Studio | 0 comments

DIY Home Photo Studio

Ever since I took photography class back in high school, I’ve always loved studio photography.   There’s so much you can control…the lighting, the background, and the whole environment.  Personally, I never thought I will be able to have my own photo studio since I do not have access to such equipment and space.  Recently, I had second thoughts about this and wanted to try and see if I can recreate one at home.  Turns out it was quite easy!  Now mind you, it is not anything fancy.   But, I can still call it my own little photo studio.


  • A room with natural light
  • A camera
  • Optional:Tripod for camera
  • Hooks with removable tape
  • Binder clips (or any clips with hooks, I got mine from Ikea)
  • Fabric (About 2-3 feet….longer if you are taller than 5’3″.  Two feet should be sufficient for kids or babies.)
  • Iron (to iron out those wrinkly spots)
  • Optional: Umbrella lights
  • Optional:Masking tape


Here are the hooks and removable tapes that I used.


You can find similar type at your local Target, Walgreens, etc.


Step 1: Find a wall where you can put up your fabric/canvas.   Next to a window where natural light can come in would be perfect.  Also,  keep in mind that there should be an open space in front of you to move around and take photos.


Step 2: Measure how high you want the fabric.  Make use there is enough fabric left on the ground for you to step on when taking photos.  As you can see I added one set of hooks on top and one in the middle.  The middle set is for photos where you can sit down or for photos of little ones.  That will allow you to maximize the use of your fabric.  



Note: If your fabric is too short, feel free to add a solid color on the bottom



Step 3: Place one hook up, clip your fabric, and hang it.    Pull the fabric so it is tight and not showing any wrinkles.   Place the other hook up.




Step 4: If the fabric is wrinkly, iron it first.   If it’s still hanging loose, cheat and use masking tape to pull it tight and tape the fabric on the wall.   What you can crop out from the final photo won’t hurt you.  Cropping tool is one of my favorite tools! 😉



All Set!


Here are some of the finished products from my studio!  And me in action. 🙂



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