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Posted on Aug 28, 2013 in DIY, Photography | 0 comments

The Photo Album Rush

I have set a goal for myself in the last few months to finish up all my unfinished Photo Albums.  My goal is to finish this before our baby arrives so that I can focus on documenting our memories of him/her.   I think our focus will shift a little bit once the baby arrives.  I have only done one yearbook for us, and that was 2009.  I was so hopeful that I will be diligent and create one each year.  What happened?  Well, you know…wedding albums, honeymoon albums, vacation photo albums and just chilling.  Yup, I have been busy and then very lazy.  Now, every free moment I get I am trying to organize and create our yearbooks.

My hubby loves the yearbooks.  Recently I came up with a brilliant idea, and I casually asked him what if I just do a summary photo album of our years together?  You know…like a “Best of” type thing.  He didn’t buy it.  He wanted one album for each year.  I think I’ve spoiled him with all our detailed albums.  Ha!  Well ok, I am up for the challenge…it will just take me a few hundred hours longer.

To make my life easier, I recently tried my hands on LumaPix Fotofusion. (Thanks to review from Photobook Girl’s site. Her site is a great resource for the most current photobook deals.)   A program that I will use to create all my albums from here on out.  It seems to have a little bit of a learning curve.  But, I think it will be worth it once I get the hang of it.   It will literally save me hundreds of hours.   And I won’t have to relearn to use every single service with their unique album creation programs out there.  I will do a review once I get the hang of using the program myself.  For now, I need to shuffle through the clutter of my millions of photos from the last 5+ years!

Here’s a peak of some of the albums I have created in the past.   Wish me luck as I dive into our millions of photos!!




This is actually my latest creation…but also covers our oldest photos from when we first began dating.  I made this for my hubby as one of the presents for this birthday. 🙂   I used MyPublisher for this and took advantage of the coupon code from Photobook Girl.  And it was less than $50 (includes tax and shipping) for a 100 page photo album!!  Great deal!




This was my first “yearbook” from 2009.   This one was ordered from Blurb.  The size is a small 8×8.   I’m doing major catching up now.  As you can see, my albums aren’t too much about style at this point as a “fit-every-meaningful-photo-as-I-can”.  I do have a pages sprinkled here and there with full page size photos.   The cover is actually a photo taken right after our engagement.  <3




Albums I “usually* do not slack on are vacation albums.  This ons is from Blurb. The only reason is because right after our vacations, I’m always so eager to go through, sort, and edit the photos before sharing with friends and family.  But the time I have finish that task, putting together the albums isn’t that hard.  It’s usually the sorting and editing that takes the most time!





Another vacation album.  This is my first soft cover album (this one is from Blurb).  I was actually pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  I probably will do more softcovers it the future for casual vacation albums like this one because the glossy photo cover is really pretty!








Last but not least is my favorite album of all times, our wedding album.  This one I ordered from Photobook America.    It took me over a year to put this one together.  It has over a 1000 photos from our wedding in there because there are photos that I just don’t want to leave out.  After sorting through the professional photos and friends photos, I picked a handful of favorites for the main part of the album.   And the end, I have pages to put in smaller size photos that I did not want to leave out in a yearbook style and also “Behind the Scenes” section.  Love it so much. I sometimes just take it out to look at it myself and relive our wedding day. 🙂


These are just a few of my photo albums that I’ve put out.   As you can see, I order quite a few of my albums from Blurb.  That’s mainly because I was so familiar with using their album creation program.  Now that I’m going to start using Fotofusion, I am going to have more flexibility to trying out other photo album companies!  Very exciting indeed!!

Hope to finish  2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and start on 2013 soon… Where can I buy more time??

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