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Posted on Sep 25, 2013 in Health, Healthy Living | 0 comments

Skin Safe Products

As I am a mommy-to-be, I have become very aware of what I use very early on in my pregnancy.   Suddenly, I have to start shopping for products for the baby too.  It makes me even more careful as babies have even less immunity than we do.   Every single product I look at from diapers to wipes to shampoo and lotion, I’m carefully considering every option and health safety.




One site I came across that I love is EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.   It allows me to search and quickly glance over the safety rating of the product I’m consider on a Healthy Scale of 0-10.   With 0-2 being the safest options.   There are products that I did not find in there.  But overall, its coverage is pretty comprehensive.   This greatly helped as they also broke things down into different category for me, such as Baby Shampoo, Baby Wipes, Baby Lotion, and etc.   Now, of course, you can’t rely on just this site alone.  You have to consider other factors, such as those 0 rating lotion and why they rate so well.   (It may be because they don’t have any preservatives, which might be too bad because it will last no more than 3 days).    So, I also rely on other resource such as Amazon Reviews to backup my final purchase decision.

At the end of the day, if you are trying a new product that you are not 100% sure you will love.  Don’t bulk buy!  Test first and make sure you love it before stocking up!  🙂

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Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Hospital Tour Questions for Labor & Delivery

My hubby and I recently took a tour of the hospital where I will be giving birth to our baby in a few months.  We also registered there, so we don’t need to worry about that when I am in labor.  Below is a list of questions that we compiled before the visit.  It’s very handy to have this list, because I knew I wouldn’t remember all my questions with my pregnancy brain when I actually got there!


Checking in

Can we pre-register?

When should we get admitted to the hospital?

Where to go (and during after hours)?

What happens if all birthing rooms are taken?


Rooms and facility

Private vs shared rooms

Cafeteria hours

Visiting hours

Partner sleeping over policy and accomodation

What labor tools are available (Labor chair, labor ball…etc.)?

Is a fridge to store food available?



How long can I stay?

What is the camera/filming policy?

Is it ok to eat during labor?

Is IV required?

NICU policy?

How late we can opt for epidural?


Availability of medical staff

When does the doctor come?

Availability of anesthesiologist (How long does it take if we opt for epidural?)

When does the pediatrician see the baby after birth?

Will baby be in my room or in the nursery?


Breastfeeding and post-birth

Is there Lactation consultant on staff and available?

Breastfeeding, will it be taught/consulted after birth?

Will baby be separated from me shortly after birth?

Skin to skin contact policy?

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Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Final Piece of Furniture for Nursery

I have been in nesting mode for probably the longest time…since a few months ago.  The transformation of my studio to nursery has been slow, but definitely happening. 🙂  The last piece of furniture that we need is a recliner.   We initially wanted a twin bed, so I can sleep there at night if I get too tired running back and forth between our rooms.   However, the room is not big enough to fit a bed, so I decided to get a recliner instead to serve this purpose.

I have narrowed down to two recliners, but my hubby refuses to give me opinion because he thinks I will regret either choice and blame him. Smart decision.  Haha.

So here are my choices:




The reason I am struggling is because I have tried the Simmons and it’s soooo comfy.  But, it’s not white.   I haven’t been able to find the other one, Monarch,  in stores.   So I haven’t had a chance to try it.  But it is WHITE, and it goes with the design of the nursery.

This is seriously my struggle between style and comfort…  I am still deciding… Will share my final decision and nursery once everything is done. 🙂

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Posted on Sep 19, 2013 in Efficientizing, Photography, Studio | 0 comments

Managing Duplicate Photo Copies in Lightroom

What do you use to manage your photo collection?

I used to go the simple Windows Explorer route and had a perfect way of naming each photo so they sorted correctly.  It worked fine …until Lightroom came along.  Suddenly a whole new whole opened up to me.  Photoshop and photo management in one?!   I was in heaven.  We have been using Lightroom for the last few years.   Now the problem is my husband and I both use it.  Sometimes we will import photos into Lightroom and forget to clear those photos out of the camera.   And someone would import it a second time in a different location.   This happens a few times a year, usually with those important photo collections from vacations we are afraid to lose (imagine 1000 images becomes 2000!).    Recently, it has gotten to a point of being very unmanageable.   There are double and even triple copies of photos everywhere!  Just imagine trying to delete those individually….and I actually did try it!!

As mentioned in my recent post, one of my current project is to finish all of our unfinished photo albums.   It’s going to be a long process for me since I tend to be very picky and want to include everything in our yearbooks.   Then, I came to this huge roadblock…. why do we have so many duplicates?!   Oh right…because…   So then, I prayed for a solution.   And a solution came to me in form of a Lightroom plugin called Duplicate Finder.  Thank you for thinking of my problem before I realized there’s one!   This was definitely money worth spending (about $15), that saved me many hours of hunting down the files.  It matches files based on a variety of data within the photo itself, not just the file name.  Phew~!



This is what the plug-in looks like.  Very simple, you just have to check attributes that you would like to match and click ok.   They will go through your selected photos, find the duplicates, and put it into a collection for you to deal with.  Usually that means DELETE for me.  🙂



Now, if there’s a tool like that to help me find duplicate things in life…and then organize them for me into neat folders.  I will buy that too!

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Posted on Sep 1, 2013 in Eat | 0 comments

Art of Macaroon


Took a macaroon class yesterday with my friends.  Didn’t realize it is such a long process just to make these one-bite sweeties!  My conclusion? I think I need a bigger kitchen and lots of equipment before I can test my new skill!  Nevertheless, we will be enjoying these yummies over the weekend. 

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