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Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Hospital Tour Questions for Labor & Delivery

My hubby and I recently took a tour of the hospital where I will be giving birth to our baby in a few months.  We also registered there, so we don’t need to worry about that when I am in labor.  Below is a list of questions that we compiled before the visit.  It’s very handy to have this list, because I knew I wouldn’t remember all my questions with my pregnancy brain when I actually got there!


Checking in

Can we pre-register?

When should we get admitted to the hospital?

Where to go (and during after hours)?

What happens if all birthing rooms are taken?


Rooms and facility

Private vs shared rooms

Cafeteria hours

Visiting hours

Partner sleeping over policy and accomodation

What labor tools are available (Labor chair, labor ball…etc.)?

Is a fridge to store food available?



How long can I stay?

What is the camera/filming policy?

Is it ok to eat during labor?

Is IV required?

NICU policy?

How late we can opt for epidural?


Availability of medical staff

When does the doctor come?

Availability of anesthesiologist (How long does it take if we opt for epidural?)

When does the pediatrician see the baby after birth?

Will baby be in my room or in the nursery?


Breastfeeding and post-birth

Is there Lactation consultant on staff and available?

Breastfeeding, will it be taught/consulted after birth?

Will baby be separated from me shortly after birth?

Skin to skin contact policy?

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