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Posted on Oct 10, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Pediatrician “Meet and Greet” Questions

I’ve just set up a few pediatrician interviews so that we can select a doctor who will see our baby after birth.  Before going to the meetings, I’ve researched a bit of questions to bring with me.   I assume our meeting will cover most of it, but in case anything is not covered this will be a handy list for me to go over.   Most importantly for us will be to find a good doctor we are comfortable communicating with and has views that align with what we want for our child.


Take note from Observations during the meeting:

  • Try to arrive a little earlier to see how the other patients and receptionists are?  (Happy?  Grumpy?  Looks like they have waited forever?)
  • Clean environment?
  • Kid-friendly?
  • Staff friendly?
  • Parking available?
  • How long was the wait?
  • Was there a sick/well waiting room?
  • How’s the doctor?
    • Do you like the doctor’s communication style?
    • Do you feel comfortable with the doctor?



My Pediatrician “Meet and Greet” Questions

About the Practice


  • Is there a separate well and sick waiting room?
  • What are the office hours?
  • Are extended evening and weekend hours available?
  • When the office is closed?  Where should we go for urgent and emergency care?
  • How will we reach you if my child gets sick after hours and on weekends?
  • Are same day appointments possible?


  • How does the practice work and can I expect to see the same doctor at each visit?
  • Who will I be speaking to if I call with a question or concern regarding my baby?
  • When are you not in the office and not on call?  What happens if we need to come in and you are not in the office?
  • What hospital are you specialized in?  If my baby is hospitalized, will you be treating the baby or someone at the hospital will?

Non-emergency concerns

  • Is there a nurse hotline or do we need to come in for everything?
  • Are calls or emails for routine/non-emergency questions available?


  • How are lab works (blood testing, vaccine shots) handled in the clinic?  Is it done inside the clinic or do we have to go to an outside lab?
  • What happens if more testing is needed but the clinic doesn’t have the equipment?

About the Doctor


  • Do you sub-specialize in anything else?
  • What are your thoughts on vaccination?  What immunization schedule do you follow?  (Are you open to alternative and delayed schedule?
  • Views on breastfeeding/bottle feeding?
    • Will you be available to discuss issues with breastfeeding?
  • Views on developmental milestones?
    • Will you be available to discuss behavioral developments?
  • What would be your standard advice and procedure if my child has a fever? A viral infection?

About the Baby

  • What happens when my baby is born?
    • Does the doctor see newborns at the hospital or at the first office visit?
  • When should I schedule to bring my baby in to see the doctor after birth?
    • Do I need to get the birth and medical records from the hospital before leaving? 
  • Should I give vitamin or iron supplement to the baby after birth before I come in to see you?  If yes, what would you recommend?
  • How often will my baby need to be seen during their 1st year of life?

About Me

  • If breastfeeding, should I continue to take prenatal, Vitamin D, and DHA supplement after giving birth?
  • Anything else you would recommend I do after birth?


Source: Baby Center, Baby Center Community

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