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Posted on Dec 11, 2013 in Shopping Fun | 0 comments

Got Expired Groupon Deals?

I haven’t used Groupon in a long time…probably since 2012 because of so many frustrating experiences with businesses using the deals.

Recently, I logged in to see if I have any Groupon photobook deals that I haven’t used.  I noticed I had some deals that were unused and expired.  Mainly ones that left me with frustrating experiences or I just forgot to use.   I noticed under one expired deal there’s a note that states I can request a refund from Groupon in forms of Groupon Bucks.  Not cash, but better than nothing!

Most of the other ones do not have this offer, so I decided to give it a try and email them to request the same form of refund.  One came back to me automatically, another asked me to explain my experience.   (Which I did.)  I was able to get a refund from both purchases made more than 2 years ago from Groupon!   Their customer service has earned me back as a customer.   However, I would still prefer not to buy anymore service related Groupons deals (such as food, spa, nail services, etc).   I will try again to purchase goods deal (mainly photobooks) from them.  🙂  Nice job, Groupon!

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