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Posted on Dec 18, 2013 in About Me | 0 comments

Our Wedding

Happy 3 year anniversary to my hubby.  This year is extra special for us because we just brought home with us our little bundle of joy.   I wrote the following post awhile back and planned on posting it on our anniversary.  Here it is.  Meanwhile, we are going to be busy learning to be new parents to our little one. 🙂




Our wedding took place in the winter of 2010.   In Northern California, we don’t have snow in the winter.  We have occasional rain.  Water is good luck, that’s what I kept hearing as I saw the rain pouring down on our wedding day.  Yet, I couldn’t help but to think everything was perfect except for it.  As time pass, I began to see it more as a blessing.  When I look back at it, I know that is what made our wedding so warm and special.  The fireplace inside the cabin was so cozy and welcoming. The memories of everyone checking weather forecast along with us was so memorable.  Not to mention it allow for such magical backdrop for the photos.

















 Originally, we planned to have an outdoor wedding ceremony in the redwood forest.  It wasn’t until an hour before the wedding that we moved it indoors!  We had even bought nearly a hundred umbrellas as a precaution.  Alas, we couldn’t really ask our guest to stand outside in the rain.  So, we moved indoors where it was just as beautiful.









~ ~ ~

In addition to our ceremony and reception in the forest, we also incorporated some Chinese wedding traditions to start off the day.   Red is the color for joy, luck, and celebration in Chinese traditions.  Traditionally, the day starts off with the groom and his friends passing obstacles set up by the bridesmaids before he meets his bride.   Afterward, we had the traditional tea ceremony where we offered tea to our parents as a form of gratitude.  (Plus, it allowed me to wear a tradition Chinese wedding outfit!)











I was definitely a very hands-on bride (with a helpful planner guiding me in the right direction when I consider changing the colors again for the 90th time.)   I used Excel to keep track of every little detail.  My inspiration for my wedding was Alice in Wonderland.   It was filled with teacups, teapots, playing cards, lanterns  and hydrangeas.   The final colors were dark blue with hints of purple and fuchsia.  I wanted our wedding to be whimsical and cozy.  After designing details and we tried to create everything ourselves.  It was so much fun!   I had the excuse to get my hubby to do crafts with me!  And I was so lucky he actually entertained me in many of these projects.  He actually drew his own wedding topper (so I didn’t ruin his “look.”  Ha!)   I have to say he did a pretty good job.  🙂




Location: Nestldown / Planning: Simply Perfect Weddings / Photography: Jean-Philippe Dobrin Photography / Flowers: Chic Designs & Floral / Makeup + Hair: Tiffany Chiang / Hair Accessory:  Etsy / Thumbprint Tree: Etsy / Catering: Le’s Kitchen / Cake: Jen’s Cake /  Harpist: Krista Strader




Here are a few of our many umbrellas!

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