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Posted on Oct 9, 2013 in Health, Healthy Living | 0 comments

Fishies…when can I eat you again?

Here I am towards the end of my pregnancy looking forward to meet my little bundle of joy and…. eating fish again!  Sushi is one of our favorite things to eat.  My hubby and I gave that up this year since I’m pregnant.  But, boy do I miss it!  Also, in Chinese culture, drinking fish soup postpartum is one of the best healthy food you can give to your body for the recovery.   So, I knew I was in for lots of fishy meals after I give birth… until.

Well, until the news about radiation that is still seeping out from Japan and running the current through the Pacific.   Goodbye fresh Alaskan Salmon.  Hello, Chilean Salmon!  (Chile is still part of Pacific Ocean…but at least Chile is farther from Japan than Alaska!)

Another thought came to my mind… what about the mercury level that we are so careful about during pregnancy?  Does that matter after pregnancy for breastfeeding moms?  After a little bit of research, it turns out mercury level is also something to be careful of since it will pass through breastmilk to the baby.   Luckily my favorite Salmon is on a “Best Choice” list.  Phew!  But, will still have to be very careful about eating other fish…especially those big fishies that we like to buy to make those Chinese fish soup!


Below is a Fish Types Mercury Level

Best Choices
Lowest in Mercury &  Highest in Healthy Fats

mackerel (Atlantic, jack, chub)
rainbow trout (farm raised)
salmon (wild or farm raised)


Lowest Mercury
12 ounces per week

catfish (farm raised)
flounder, plaice, sole
mackerel (Atlantic, jack, chub)
oysters (cooked)
rainbow trout (farm raised)
salmon (wild or farm raised)
tuna (Skipjack, Light, canned)


Moderate Mercury
4 ounces per week

bass (saltwater, black)
buffalo fish
freshwater perch
lobster(northern, Maine, Atlantic)
mahi mahi (Dolphin-fish)
Pompano (Florida)
sea trout (weakfish)
Spanish mackerel (S. Atlantic)
tilefish (Atlantic)
tuna (Albacore, Yellowfin,
White, canned)
white croaker (Pacific)


High Mercury / PCB*
Do Not Eat

bass (striped)*
Chilean sea bass
golden snapper
jack (Amberjack, Crevalle)
king mackerel
orange roughy
Spanish mackerel (Gulf of Mexico)
tilefish (Gulf of Mexico)
tuna (all fresh or frozen)
walleye (Great Lakes)
*PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) are higher in these species


Source:, Baby Center

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Posted on Sep 25, 2013 in Health, Healthy Living | 0 comments

Skin Safe Products

As I am a mommy-to-be, I have become very aware of what I use very early on in my pregnancy.   Suddenly, I have to start shopping for products for the baby too.  It makes me even more careful as babies have even less immunity than we do.   Every single product I look at from diapers to wipes to shampoo and lotion, I’m carefully considering every option and health safety.




One site I came across that I love is EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.   It allows me to search and quickly glance over the safety rating of the product I’m consider on a Healthy Scale of 0-10.   With 0-2 being the safest options.   There are products that I did not find in there.  But overall, its coverage is pretty comprehensive.   This greatly helped as they also broke things down into different category for me, such as Baby Shampoo, Baby Wipes, Baby Lotion, and etc.   Now, of course, you can’t rely on just this site alone.  You have to consider other factors, such as those 0 rating lotion and why they rate so well.   (It may be because they don’t have any preservatives, which might be too bad because it will last no more than 3 days).    So, I also rely on other resource such as Amazon Reviews to backup my final purchase decision.

At the end of the day, if you are trying a new product that you are not 100% sure you will love.  Don’t bulk buy!  Test first and make sure you love it before stocking up!  🙂

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