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Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in My Life, Pregnancy | 0 comments

Our Little Nursery

It’s been awhile since my last post.  The last hurdle of this pregnancy has been energy draining due to so many changes happening.   But, just a few more weeks!!  I keep on reminding myself it will all be worth it when the little one arrives!

Also, looking at our nursery makes me incredibly happy.  🙂  I use it often as it will serve as a nursery + also my studio.  🙂

Here are some photos of our completed nursery.   I wanted to keep the style very simple and clean even though there are already tons of stuff in there.  My way of trying to accomplish this is using mostly white color.  I know once the baby arrives, we will be adding more splashes of color.  So, I am trying to have as clear of a “canvas” as possible.












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Posted on Oct 13, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Water Bottles with Straw? Yes, please!

Seriously, I am not even 9 months pregnant and I already feel like this when I try to get off the couch or bed:

Dog stuck in bowl gif

Source: The Pregnant Husband


I get thirsty often.  And often in the middle of the night.  We have TONS of water bottles at home, and I usually put two of them filled up on my bedstand for this purpose.  But, it’s getting harder and harder to sit up to just reach for the bottle and take a sip.  Then, I found that we have a Camelbak bottle but straw!  I was like a little kid the night before Christmas when I went to bed last night.  The only thing was, I was waiting for myself to wake up from thirst to try out my new found bottle.   Boy, was it great!   I didn’t need to roll out of bed just for one sip of water.   Yay!   Camelbak Better Bottle, you just got yourself a new fan!!



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Posted on Oct 10, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Pediatrician “Meet and Greet” Questions

I’ve just set up a few pediatrician interviews so that we can select a doctor who will see our baby after birth.  Before going to the meetings, I’ve researched a bit of questions to bring with me.   I assume our meeting will cover most of it, but in case anything is not covered this will be a handy list for me to go over.   Most importantly for us will be to find a good doctor we are comfortable communicating with and has views that align with what we want for our child.


Take note from Observations during the meeting:

  • Try to arrive a little earlier to see how the other patients and receptionists are?  (Happy?  Grumpy?  Looks like they have waited forever?)
  • Clean environment?
  • Kid-friendly?
  • Staff friendly?
  • Parking available?
  • How long was the wait?
  • Was there a sick/well waiting room?
  • How’s the doctor?
    • Do you like the doctor’s communication style?
    • Do you feel comfortable with the doctor?



My Pediatrician “Meet and Greet” Questions

About the Practice


  • Is there a separate well and sick waiting room?
  • What are the office hours?
  • Are extended evening and weekend hours available?
  • When the office is closed?  Where should we go for urgent and emergency care?
  • How will we reach you if my child gets sick after hours and on weekends?
  • Are same day appointments possible?


  • How does the practice work and can I expect to see the same doctor at each visit?
  • Who will I be speaking to if I call with a question or concern regarding my baby?
  • When are you not in the office and not on call?  What happens if we need to come in and you are not in the office?
  • What hospital are you specialized in?  If my baby is hospitalized, will you be treating the baby or someone at the hospital will?

Non-emergency concerns

  • Is there a nurse hotline or do we need to come in for everything?
  • Are calls or emails for routine/non-emergency questions available?


  • How are lab works (blood testing, vaccine shots) handled in the clinic?  Is it done inside the clinic or do we have to go to an outside lab?
  • What happens if more testing is needed but the clinic doesn’t have the equipment?

About the Doctor


  • Do you sub-specialize in anything else?
  • What are your thoughts on vaccination?  What immunization schedule do you follow?  (Are you open to alternative and delayed schedule?
  • Views on breastfeeding/bottle feeding?
    • Will you be available to discuss issues with breastfeeding?
  • Views on developmental milestones?
    • Will you be available to discuss behavioral developments?
  • What would be your standard advice and procedure if my child has a fever? A viral infection?

About the Baby

  • What happens when my baby is born?
    • Does the doctor see newborns at the hospital or at the first office visit?
  • When should I schedule to bring my baby in to see the doctor after birth?
    • Do I need to get the birth and medical records from the hospital before leaving? 
  • Should I give vitamin or iron supplement to the baby after birth before I come in to see you?  If yes, what would you recommend?
  • How often will my baby need to be seen during their 1st year of life?

About Me

  • If breastfeeding, should I continue to take prenatal, Vitamin D, and DHA supplement after giving birth?
  • Anything else you would recommend I do after birth?


Source: Baby Center, Baby Center Community

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Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Hospital Tour Questions for Labor & Delivery

My hubby and I recently took a tour of the hospital where I will be giving birth to our baby in a few months.  We also registered there, so we don’t need to worry about that when I am in labor.  Below is a list of questions that we compiled before the visit.  It’s very handy to have this list, because I knew I wouldn’t remember all my questions with my pregnancy brain when I actually got there!


Checking in

Can we pre-register?

When should we get admitted to the hospital?

Where to go (and during after hours)?

What happens if all birthing rooms are taken?


Rooms and facility

Private vs shared rooms

Cafeteria hours

Visiting hours

Partner sleeping over policy and accomodation

What labor tools are available (Labor chair, labor ball…etc.)?

Is a fridge to store food available?



How long can I stay?

What is the camera/filming policy?

Is it ok to eat during labor?

Is IV required?

NICU policy?

How late we can opt for epidural?


Availability of medical staff

When does the doctor come?

Availability of anesthesiologist (How long does it take if we opt for epidural?)

When does the pediatrician see the baby after birth?

Will baby be in my room or in the nursery?


Breastfeeding and post-birth

Is there Lactation consultant on staff and available?

Breastfeeding, will it be taught/consulted after birth?

Will baby be separated from me shortly after birth?

Skin to skin contact policy?

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Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Pregnancy | 0 comments

Final Piece of Furniture for Nursery

I have been in nesting mode for probably the longest time…since a few months ago.  The transformation of my studio to nursery has been slow, but definitely happening. 🙂  The last piece of furniture that we need is a recliner.   We initially wanted a twin bed, so I can sleep there at night if I get too tired running back and forth between our rooms.   However, the room is not big enough to fit a bed, so I decided to get a recliner instead to serve this purpose.

I have narrowed down to two recliners, but my hubby refuses to give me opinion because he thinks I will regret either choice and blame him. Smart decision.  Haha.

So here are my choices:




The reason I am struggling is because I have tried the Simmons and it’s soooo comfy.  But, it’s not white.   I haven’t been able to find the other one, Monarch,  in stores.   So I haven’t had a chance to try it.  But it is WHITE, and it goes with the design of the nursery.

This is seriously my struggle between style and comfort…  I am still deciding… Will share my final decision and nursery once everything is done. 🙂

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