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Hi!  I’m Kat and welcome!  I will be blogging about my DIY projects, efficientizing/organizing ideas, healthy living, and probably a bit of mommy-ness somewhere.   (And yes, I just made “efficientizing” a word.)

My projects vary from photography to painting to glittering to sewing to whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.  (Sometimes, even Excel excites me… you will be surprised!)  One thing for certain, most of my projects is motivated by being functional or practical.  The Type A personality in me is always on a mission to make things more organized or efficient.  Still, don’t be surprised if you do see some less practical glitter and sparkle projects!  I’m still a sucker for polka, stripes, and all cute things.





Still here?  

A little more about me….if you are still interested….

Originally from Chicago, I currently live near San Francisco with my husband.  On a free day, you will find me busy writing out my To Do list and then throwing it aside to go into my studio to create something fun. Once there, I’m planning what fun projects I will do. However, I actually spend 90% of the time planning, instead of working on the projects. So, another reason this blog exist is to push me to actually follow through with my projects!

My favorite tools are my color pencils, camera, and Photoshop. As you can tell from the name of this site, I love polka dots and stripes. I have always loved them for their simplicity and versatility.  You can never have too much of either one!  (Can you?)  In addition, I also love styles that are whimsical, cute, and colorful. Being a girly kid at heart, I love to be surrounded by cute things.  I am in love with Lotso, Miffy, and Monokuro Boo (below).  You might find them making special appearances around here and in my crafts.

I look forward to growing with this site.  Please feel free to share your thoughts!


Family Portrait (Top Row: Lotso, Miffy. Bottom Row: Monokuro Bii, Monokuro Boo)


Site Disclosure

This site is build by yours truly.  All original posts are written by me and photos are taken by me or my husband.  I own the right to all the original content and photos posted on this site.  If you would like to share content from Polka Stripes, please be sure to give proper credits.  (Would appreciate if you drop me a line through the contact form!)  Similarly, if any content featured is taken from other source, credit will be provided where they are deserved.

Any questions or comments? Drop me a line!