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This is a page that’s really for my own record keeping of stuff that I buy and love.


DIY and Crafty Items





Household Items



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DIY and Crafty Items




Household Items


I cannot live without my Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo.  One of my least favorite household chore is sweeping.  When I look a my broom, my headache and backache magically appears before I even touch it.  Then this little product appeared on my doorsteps.  Now, I don’t mind it at all!

We recently shattered a glass door in our garage by accident.  What my hubby’s favorite Dyson could not pick up, my little friend here swept up in an instant!   Best of all?  One charge lasts me for a long time.  So, I can go around sweeping up the floor with no wire attached!  This does not replace your vacuum, but it is a super convenient alternative to your old broom.


Misc Items



I usually don’t put too much thought into water bottles… but as my belly got bigger and bigger during pregnancy, I noticed how hard it was to roll off the couch or bed just for one sip of water.   Or else risk spilling water all over myself.   Then, I came upon the Camelbak water bottle with straw.  No spill, no need to roll out of bed?  Yes, please!!  I am guessing Camelbak did not have pregnant women in mind when they designed this bottle.  But, I am still thankful they designed this spill-proof bottle!!



There is no advertising affiliation for any of these products.  These are truly products that we have tested and can’t live without. 🙂


Disclaimer: Some product photos from this page are from Amazon





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